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Conversation Console

  • All Channels in one interface

  • One view of the customer

  • eCommerce data integration

  • Service level management

  • Internal & external collaboration

  • And much more.

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Performance Plans

Icon Stage A

House in Order

Plan 1

  • Tackle a growing workload with a typically inexperienced team working under pressure

  • Consistently deliver on the 4 Shopper KPIs

  • Lay the groundwork for Operational KPIs

per month

Icon Stage B

Compete on Service

Plan 2

  • Professionalise operations with an experienced team and compete on service

  • Consistently deliver on the 4 Shopper KPIs plus Operational KPIs

  • Lay the groundwork for customer experience KPIs

per month

Icon Stage C

Lead the Pack

Plan 3

  • Connect customer service and CX business case and systems across the company

  • Consistently deliver on all Shopper, Operational and CX KPIs

  • Global Customer Service Index (CSI) participation, gain CX Insights and beta-test data and tech innovations

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