We are ROBIN. And we are on a major mission.

In the ROBIN Program we take ambitious eCommerce customer service reps and transform them into super-productive kick-ass teams that — ultimately — help build an amazing customer experience for your retail brand.

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Erm, did we just say Customer Service or Customer Experience?

Both. Deloitte just called us the #7 fastest growing Tech company in the Netherlands. And we are specialists in eCommerce customer service.

But as every smart retail player knows, CX will become the online differentiator in eCommerce — and customer service is best placed to become the centrepiece of CX transformations.

The reality, however, is that very few service teams are capable of competing on service, never mind tackling CX-related issues as well.

The ROBIN Program is designed to get you on the right track — fast! It includes a Conversation Console, a Performance Plan and a dedicated Expert Coach — all for a fixed price.

Michiel Gaasterland

Michiel Gaasterland

Chief Brand Officer

“Human customer service conversations are critical touchpoints in the customer experience. Manage them well, and you’re already improving CX. ROBIN’s unique value is in a Program that helps build an operation capable of delivering both world-class service and making great CX contributions.”

Conversation View in ROBIN

The Conversation Console

Managing conversations is at the heart of great customer service. This is your very own Mission Control: all questions, from across all channels, managed from one easy-to-use console.

No tickets. No queues. No drama. Just the questions, routed to the right rep, with all relevant customer data and info displayed right alongside.

Good service conversation management prevents customers from leaving. It can help generate sales and reduce unwanted service questions too!

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Performance Plans

ROBIN’s Performance Plans help eCommerce directors and customer service teams manage priorities as both your company and your service function grows.

Our Plans are built around the three most common scenarios we have encountered and managed over the last years. The KPI-specific dashboards for each Plan ensure that customer service and CX decision-making becomes smarter; more data-driven and efficient, over time.

And, your dedicated expert coach shares deeper insight into customer service data and information, knowledge on best practices and team building, plus building business cases for senior management buy-in.

Patrick Speijers

Patrick Speijers


“It’s one thing to have the data, but another to know what to do with it. The ROBIN KPI Framework was developed from thousands of hours experience in optimising eCommerce customer service performance. And it sits at the heart of our Performance Plans. It helps teams keep on top of rising shopper expectations — and improve the customer experience too.”

House in Order image
House in Order image

1. House in order

Your expert coach will have you up and running quickly, introduce you to your dashboard with the 4 Shopper KPIs, get service principles in place, tackle immediate priorities — and help you start building the business case for the next stage of your journey.

Compete on Service image

2. Compete on service

We add the 4 Operational KPIs to your 4 Shopper KPIs. Once again, your coach will introduce your new goals. Then help you achieve them. They’ll share best practices, a focus on team-building, leadership styles — and lay the groundwork for customer experience KPIs.

Lead the Pack image

3. Lead the pack (CSI)

By invitation only. We strengthen the CX/customer service business case, help ensure consistent delivery on all KPIs, offer unique access to data insight from the global Customer Service Index (CSI) — and offer ongoing beta testing of ROBIN data, AI and tech innovations.

Performance Management Dashboards

Each Plan comes with its own specific dashboard. The Plan 1 dashboard contains 4 Shopper KPIs. Plan 2 adds 4 Operational KPIs. Plan 3 adds 2 CX KPIs and, the CSI dashboard.

1. House in order

2. Compete on service

3. Lead the pack

House in Order - Shopper KPIs
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ROBIN Research & Development

Through the ROBIN Program, we have set new standards in customer service delivery and management for more than 120 leading companies in the Netherlands, the US and the UK. And we are only just getting started.

The companies that will thrive are those than can get the best out of both humans and technology. We have number of ongoing programs in robotic process automation, augmented intelligence, machine learning, virtual and mixed reality and more.

Only by staying on top of our game can we help you stay on top of yours. Contact us to find out more.

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