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Are you ready for conversational commerce?

Today’s consumers expect hyper-personalised service conversations, in real-time, in any channel they choose. To deliver on that, companies first need to get their customer service house in order.

With The ROBIN Program we help teams improve customer SLAs, work more efficiently, and start selling more. The Program includes a Conversation Console linked to your own data warehouse, plus data-driven Coaching.

Once you have service under control, our Growth suite helps you scale. Add more channels. Automate more. Boost performance. And start adapting to conversational commerce — step by step.

Michiel Gaasterland

Michiel Gaasterland

Chief Brand Officer

“Together, millennials and Generation Z now dominate the marketplace and the workplace. Real-time hyper-personalised conversational commerce is what they expect. And they’ll walk away if they don’t get it. At ROBIN, we help you get service under control, then start adapting to conversational commerce. It’s why we’re here.”

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Conversation Console

All questions, from all channels, in one easy-to-use console. No tickets. No queues. No drama.

Advanced routing of questions to the right rep, all customer data displayed alongside.

Features include dynamic webform and Live chat, customer co-browsing, automated win messages and much more.

Managing service and sales conversations has never been easier.

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Conversation Console Panel

Data-driven Coaching

You need data adapt to conversational commerce. It begins with getting a measurable grip of workload, improving SLAs. Sales contributions.

This is why the Program includes your own data warehouse, BI data-views and service and operational KPI dashboards.

Once a month, your expert coach will review your KPIs, and offer actionable advice to improve results.

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Introducing the Growth suite

Our Growth suite helps you scale customer service. Add more channels. Automate more. Boost performance. Start adapting to conversational commerce — step by step.

Patrick Speijers

Patrick Speijers


“By 2030, it’s likely that more than 1 Trillion global brand-consumer conversations will be generated each month! We believe that 95% of those conversations will handled by high-tech. The remaining 5%, by AI-augmented super-reps. Our mission is to help companies adapt to that world. Our Growth suite is how we will do it.”

Console Modules

Automate conversations. Design and integrate chatbots. Gain insight into customer sentiment. Improve customer self-service.

Customer Service Wallboards

Real-time monitoring of team productivity, workload and Live Chat. Manage customer expectations. Motivate your team.

Coaching & Consulting

Hands-on help to improve resource planning, quality management, journey-mapping and more.

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ROBIN Research & Development

Through The ROBIN Program we are helping set new standards in customer service delivery and management for more than 120 leading companies in the Netherlands, the US and UK. And we’re only just getting started.

The companies that will thrive are those that will adapt to conversational commerce — and get the best out of both humans, data and technology. As a result, we’re working continually on projects in robotic process automation, augmented intelligence, machine learning, virtual and mixed reality.

Only by staying on top of our game can we help you stay on top of yours.

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