The Conversation Console

No tickets. No queues. No drama. All questions, from all channels, managed in one console. Questions are routed to the right rep, with the relevant customer data displayed right alongside.

Team collaboration is a breeze. And there’s a host of features to help your team deliver proactive service that can generates sales — and reduce unwanted service questions too.

One central place for all channels

All customer questions, from all channels, routed to the right rep via a Team Inbox. See the status of all conversations. Keep rep workflows clean and manageable with a combination of smart routing and snoozing.

Safeguard response times

Traffic light colour-coding lets you know how much time is left to answer a question.

No cluttered inboxes

Snooze the conversation and it automatically lands back in your inbox at the right time, later.

360° Customer profile

Your Console displays the relevant customer and eCommerce data, right next to the customer’s question — regardless of the channel the customer used.

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Online widget image Offline widget image

Multi-store front-end widget

ROBIN’s front-end conversation widget dynamically switches between e-mail and live chat. It can be customised for different top-level domains, brands, languages, people and more.

Custom branding

The design of the widget blends seamlessly into the design of your store.

Advanced customisation

Text, design, service hours, transcripts and more can be customised per web-store.


Great customer service is not a one-man job. Right next to the shopper conversation is the ROBIN dialogue window for both internal and external collaboration.

Internal collaboration image

Internal Collaboration

Easily collaborate with your colleagues in, for example, first and second line support.

External collaboration image

External Collaboration

Need to involve an external supplier? Their reply will also land in your collaboration window.

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Sell more

Real-time pre-sales conversations generate sales and reduce after-service questions. ROBIN online sales capabilities include co-browsing, proactive messaging, tracking shopper behavior, rewarding reps with win messages, and more.

Pro active chat
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