Michiel Gaasterland
Michiel Gaasterland
Chief Brand Officer
Apr 3, 2018

Take the test: are you ready to crush the competition with service?

assessment-customer-service-resultWhether you are a retailer, airliner, insurance company or a car dealer; great customer service builds trust and can be your most sustainable competitive advantage.

This is especially true for online retail. There is no other industry in the world where shoppers can so easily compare products, prices, delivery terms and service offerings.

Is it your ambition to deliver better customer service than your competitor? And what do you need to do to make it happen? With these two questions in mind, ROBIN developed this Competitive Readiness Test.

After completing this 5-minute test, you will receive a personalised PDF report with; your competitive standings, analysis, and practical advice on how to improve your E-Commerce customer service model.


About this test

The ROBIN Competitive Readiness Test gives you insights into your strengths and weaknesses, as measured against the 8 KPIs of ECommerce customer service.

The 8 KPIs are grouped in two:

Shopper KPIs: what shoppers want and expect in terms of customer service today.

Always available - Availability KPI
Quick to respond - Speed KPI
Friendly in conversations - Friendliness KPI
Effective in problem-solving - Effectivity KPI

Operational KPIs: what E-Commerce senior management wants and needs to run an efficient, productive operation.

A productive team - Productivity KPI
Grip on service conversations - Engagement KPI
Direct contribution to pre-sales - Contribution KPI
Reduction of returns & complaints - Prevention KPI

What's next?

We have developed the above KPI model to provide ROBIN Program customers with a compact management model to balance the needs of shoppers with a productive and result driven customer service operation.

In the coming months, we will be introducing a beta version of this KPI model to ROBIN Program customers. We expect to reveal more details soon!

Stay tuned!

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