Trend #3 Fix Customer Self-service

Michiel Gaasterland
Mar 5, 2020 Michiel Gaasterland

This is the third post in our series of Seven Customer Service Insights for 2020 and Beyond.

Over the past decade, all sorts of tasks have been automated across all sorts of industries. It’s now commonplace for people to be able to help themselves quickly and easily. In fact, they really don’t want to contact a company at all, if they can possibly help it.

Introducing 7 Customer Service insights for 2020 & beyond

Michiel Gaasterland
Feb 12, 2020 Michiel Gaasterland

This series of posts is designed to help medium-sized brands professionalise customer service in preparation of conversational commerce. In each post, we look at a major trend — from chatbots to Live chat, hyper-personalisation and more — and offer actionable advice.

To introduce them, we first explore how eCommerce and online customer service has evolved over the past 10 years. By looking back, we may get a clearer idea of how things may evolve in the next 10 years.


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