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Hanife Yeter
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May 9, 2019

ROBIN's way: Integrating VoIP with other customer service channels

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Integrating your VoIP, or phone system, into your customer service tooling landscape can prove challenging. You want one user experience for agents that contains all relevant customer data - from every channel – available at a glance.

This article and video explain how ROBIN does just that.

Telephone still leads the pack

According to the Microsoft State of Global Customer Service Report 2019 [PDF], telephone is still the preferred customer service channel in the UK – followed by e-mail and live chat.

That same report also shows that 50% of customers have used at least 3-5 different channels to contact customer service in the past year. Whereas shoppers can and should use any channel they prefer, the customer service agents on the other end need a unified experience irrespective of channel.

When integrating your VoIP system with other channels, Customer Service Managers need to: 

  1. Ensure that agents have easy access to the same customer data (i.e., order, shipping, or payment info), no matter which channel the customer uses.

  2. Automatically log calls to ensure data accuracy.

  3. Provide a straightforward and simple way for agents to leave notes with the conversation history that enrich the customer profile.

The Conversation Console: The heart of great service is conversations

When a shopper calls customer service, they want their issue resolved as quickly as possible. To meet that expectation, it is essential that a customer service agent is easily able to access the right customer data. This allows the agent to focus on detecting the real problem, ask the right questions, and respond with empathy or enthusiasm. It also helps create a faster, low-effort experience that builds customer loyalty.

In the ROBIN Conversation Console, all customer questions – accumulated from all channels – are presented together in one interface. Relevant customer and order data are displayed alongside the customers’ question. When shoppers reach out via live chat, the agent can also view browsing behaviors, cart contents, or invite the shopper for a co-browsing session. This helps with cross- and up-selling, and increases conversions and A.O.V., all while delivering a more personal service experience.

Integrating VoIP with ROBIN

Recently, ROBIN has partnered with Voys and Xelion to build an advanced, integrated VoIP system. Both Voys and Xelion are the leading VoIP providers from The Netherlands, and by working together we enhance the agent user experience and provide better insights into the customers’ journey.  

This integration allows ROBIN to recognise the customer and automatically open the customer profile in the ROBIN Conversation Console. The agent has instant access to the correct data. On top of that, the rep is prompted to leave a note detailing the contents of the call, which creates a richer conversation history in the customer’s profile. 

Lastly, to ensure data accuracy, all incoming calls are automatically captured and saved in the ROBIN data warehouse – together with all your other customer service data.

Check out the video below to see the integration in action. 


One ROBIN customer that has gone live with VoIP is YourSurprise. YourSurprise is a website offering more than 1,500 gifts that can be customised with names and photos for any occasion.

Kirsten Bravenboer, Customer Service Manager, had this to say: “We think it is crucial to have personal interaction with our customers. Therefore, our customers will only interact with a real person online. We always try to put ourselves in the customers’ shoes. By listening carefully, and helping the customer with great attention, we are able to keep things personal. The integration between ROBIN and the VoIP providers helps us with achieving these important objectives.”

Want to know more?  

Contact Rutger de Ruiter, our Solution Specialist, to find out if your VoIP provider already has an existing integration with ROBIN.



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