Michiel Gaasterland
Michiel Gaasterland
Chief Brand Officer
Dec 10, 2013

ROBIN Rolls Out New Response Time Indicators For Your Web Store

Openinghours ROBIN web storesHow often have you contacted a web store with a quick question, only to get an automated email response that says ‘we’ll do our best to answer your question within 24 to 48 hours’?

Imagine walking up to the counter in a brick and mortar store with that same question. You’d be pretty surprised to hear the shop assistant say that he unfortunately can’t take your question right now, but he’ll do his utmost best to answer it tomorrow or possibly the day after.

That’s exactly how that email feels to an online shopper who’s looking to buy something today.

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How fast should you answer questions from customers?

Some stores answer your question within 2 minutes, others might take 2 days. There’s no arguing what is better: faster is better, especially in e-commerce.

The unspoken business rule is that you should reply to email within 24 hours. But a 2012 Forrester research suggests that consumers expect an email response within 6 hours.

Some stores choose to offer live chat for their customers, which is a great way to have real-time interaction with shoppers just when they are most ready to buy. But what if you don’t have the resources to offer live chat all the time? What if you can’t respond to email fast enough?

Set expectations and live up to them!

Here at ROBIN HQ we are passionate about responding quickly. But we are even more passionate about setting the right expectations for our customers and living up to the expectations we set!

And that is exactly what the new ROBIN response time indicators allow you to do! The ROBIN response time indicator shows the percentage of customer questions you have answered ON TIME.

Response time indicator web stores ROBIN

When customers click on the information button – right next to your on time percentage in the online contact form – they see your opening hours for customer service and the response time you promise them. Click on the CONTACT button on the right side of this page to see the response indicators live in action!

This way, customers know exactly what to expect from you. Conversely, it allows you to manage this promise in a way that works best for your web store.

ROBIN users can set their business hours and response time in the ROBIN app, under Settings >> Response time.

A final note

Showing your customers that they can reach you, that you answer their questions properly and on time, builds trust with prospective buyers and increases conversion. ROBIN helps you put your web store’s customer service performance on parade.

You can show off your ratings in the contact form, but also in an optimal performance widget. You can show this widget on your home page or on product detail pages, to give online shoppers that extra bit of confidence to buy from you.

Any questions or remarks? Feel free to hit the CONTACT button on the right or comment on the post! Don't be shy!

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