Michiel Gaasterland
Michiel Gaasterland
Chief Brand Officer
Mar 4, 2014

ROBIN releases API. Are you the first developer to connect a new e-commerce platform to ROBIN?

Today, I am happy to announce that we released our API. It means that any web store can now enrich their ROBIN customer service dashboard with e-commerce data, regardless of the e-commerce platform they’re using.

ROBIN is an online customer service dashboard made for web store teams. We help them provide better and faster customer service, in less time.

Developers who wish to use the API to build a connection between an e-commerce platform and ROBIN can request an API key and API secret (password) via the ROBIN support site.



Contextual customer service for e-commerce

ROBIN users whoes e-commerce platform runs on Shopify, Magento or SEOshop, already get their free integration when they install ROBIN from the app store.

All these ROBIN users get order, billing and shipping data in their customer service dashboard. This adds useful context to customers’ question, so that web store teams can offer online shoppers better and faster service.

On top of that, we also show retention information such as customer lifetime value, total number of orders and first date of purchase. This helps web stores to better prioritize their customer service requests and increase their focus on return customers.

Inbox item

In 2014 customers expect a more personalized conversation and shopping experience. Through the API, it is also possible to connect ROBIN with CRM and Business Intelligence systems, so that you can add e.g. social links, location, clothing size, birthday or coupon balance to your customer profile.

Grab a free one year Team Pro subscription!

ROBIN’s Team Pro plan supports multi-store customer service. This means that multiple web stores, from multiple e-commerce platforms can be connected to and integrated with one online customer service dashboard. Neat ‘ey?

It’s priced at $ 199 p/m and we are giving away a FREE one year Team Pro subscription to the first 3 developers who create a reusable ROBIN store connector for a new e-commerce platform. Source code for these new connectors must be placed on GitHub. This offer is valid until April 1st!

For Shopify, Magento and SEOshop we have build the e-commerce integration ourselves. And we are offering it for free. For BigCommerce, we will also build a free order integration. We recently were one of 15 apps that launched in the BigCommerce integrated app store (oAuth integration only).

Note: if you want offer ROBIN to your customers: please sign up for our Partner Program.

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