Rutger de Ruiter
Rutger de Ruiter
Product Manager
Dec 19, 2019

ROBIN connection with Magento 2: complete, fully adjustable and easily implementable

Header Magento 2 connector

With support for Magento 1 about to be phased out, a lot of webshops are working on the transition to Magento 2.

At ROBIN we want to make this transition as smooth as possible. That’s why we developed a first-class connector with our partner Emico. Connecting your Magento 2 environment with your ROBIN customer service environment is now done in just a few steps.
You can find the source-code for this connection at Github.

A 360-degree customer profile with up to date data

The Magento 2 connection for ROBIN retrieves essential data from your Magento environment and shows the information in the ROBIN customer-panel. This includes a complete order history, order status as well as delivery- and payment information. In your Personal Inbox ROBIN also instantly shows you the total amount of orders and the total (lifetime) spend of your customer, which will help you quickly recognise your regular customers.

Customer panel in ROBIN

Combine sales and service

Because of the connection with Magento, the ROBIN sales features are also activated. In the ROBIN conversation, ROBIN can now show you ‘Viewed product’ so the customer service rep can follow which exact products a shopper is viewing on your website. ROBIN ‘Win-messages’ trigger a private message to a customer service rep when the shopper places an order after their conversation.

win message in ROBIN

Complete and in-depth reports

The connection gives you in-depth reports with the amount of service orders per day, conversion and the average order value per service rep, per team and more. The Magento 2 connection also provides the ROBIN KPI Model with data, which give you an overview of the attribution of your team to sales targets and their attribution to reducing returns.

detail view of ROBIN’s contribution KPI

Customizable to your company’s wishes

The new ROBIN connector is an Open Source connector, which means the code is visible for anyone who’s interested. This makes it possible to not only see the code yourself, but also to make suggestions. Although the code is complete at this point, we’re always open to your feedback.

And because it is an open source code, during implementation you can adjust the code specifically for your organization. Think of adding extra fields to the customer-panel (e.g. birthday’s, sizes, etc.) making that information instantly available to your customer service reps.

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