Hanife Yeter
Hanife Yeter
Marketing Communications Manager
Jul 9, 2019

Meet the Team: Rob, our Content and Campaign Designer

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We really believe in personal, proactive service at ROBIN. So you can contact any one of us, any time you like. But because it’s always nicer to know a bit about someone before saying hello, we’re sharing short profiles of our fine folks in a brand new series.

First in the spotlight is Rob Menger, our Content and Campaign Designer. Read to learn more about Rob’s passion for interaction design, what he’s most proud of so far, and how office life has played an important role in surpassing his personal expectations.

Hello there

So, tell us a bit about what you do at ROBIN?

I’m Rob and I’m the Content and Campaign Designer at ROBIN. As a trained interaction designer, I play a large role in creating features for the company’s website. My goal is to optimise ROBIN’s website performance and raise engagement. I am also part of the branding team where I collaborate to devise marketing activities.

And how did you end up in this field?

It all began at a young age when I started to spend a lot of time in designing social media banners and even building a few company websites. Given this long-lived interest and curiosity in graphic design and computer programming, I used to profile myself as a self-taught designer. Later, I went to college and earned a BA in Interaction Design at the University of Applied Sciences in Arnhem, The Netherlands. This is where I learned the true value of investigating user needs and values before coming up with innovative communication solutions.

What is your favourite thing about working at ROBIN?

What I like most about my job and interaction design in general is that what you eventually develop and bring to life is something that’s meaningful, something that is really used. On top of that I really like the ‘family-vibe’ we have at the office. It’s nice to see our collective progress and celebrate successes with things like an occasional group ski trip to Austria.

What makes me tick

Rob, can you tell us about a time when you lived by one of our company values?

 How we collaborate as a team

Last year, my colleague and I faced a tight deadline for developing the new ROBIN website, including a series of landing pages. It was only three weeks before the agreed upon deadline when we received the final word regarding what the website should communicate. It was only through intense collaboration and knowledge sharing, not to mention our joint commitment to flexibility and ‘can do’ attitudes, that we accomplished this within deadline. I certainly couldn’t have done this job alone. I definitely exceeded my own expectations for what I was capable of with this project.

Aside from work

How do you like to spend your free time?

Outside of the office I actually like to split my time between many things. I am very passionate about sports, especially as a supporter of the Graafschap football club.
You’ll find me on the football pitch or in the gym. I also enjoy relaxing on the couch watching Netflix.

Five quick-fire questions

  • Favourite font?
  • Favourite movie(s)?
    The Avengers & Planet of the Apes
  • Favourite band?
  • Favourite music type(s)?
    Rap, 80’s Rock, and House
  • Favourite superhero?
    Iron Man


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