Hanife Yeter
Hanife Yeter
Marketing Communications Manager
Jul 30, 2019

Meet our Team: Nikki, our Demand Generation Manager

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We really believe in personal, proactive service at ROBIN. So you can contact any one of us, any time you like. But because it’s always nicer to know a bit about someone before saying hello, we’re sharing short profiles of our fine folks in a brand new series.

Third in the spotlight is Nikki Lanen, our Demand Generation Manager. Continue reading to learn more about her joy for thinking from the buyer's view, her appreciation for the positive vibe in the office, and how she was able to make ROBIN's first trade show in the UK a great success. 

Hello there

Hi Nikki, tell us a bit about what you do at ROBIN?

My name is Nikki Lanen and I'm the Demand Generation Manager at ROBIN. Very simply put: I'm responsible for creating 'demand' for the product and our services. My days are filled with creating and executing marketing & sales initiatives, developing a sustainable lead nurturing model and scalable sales operation.

And why did you choose your profession?

I follow what feels good. The most important things for me in a job is autonomy and having an impact and purpose. I've been wanting to go in Marketing since college and luckily got the opportunity. I enjoy thinking from the buyer's view and promoting our company. There's nothing like getting a great response from an interested buyer and knowing your communication and initiative is what made that happen.

Sounds interesting, but what exactly is your favourite thing about working at ROBIN?

Lots of things. There's a positive vibe in the office – everyone is excited and ambitious to make the best of it. We believe in this company and its vision. I feel challenged in the sense that I'm regularly trusted with new tasks but feel supported enough knowing that mistakes can happen – and that it’s not the end of the world.

What makes me tick

Can you tell us of a time when you lived by one of our company values?

We always reach Higher

...is one that is most close to my heart. I feel we're living this every day in our Sales team. Ambitious goals are set and we work hard on creating new tactics & analysing previous efforts, so we can improve every day. A most recent example is our first trade show we went to in the United Kingdom – I pulled out all stops to make this a great event – and it was a huge success!

Aside from work

How do you like to spend your free time?

Spending time with my boyfriend and friends – going to festivals & events, eating & drinking together. Watching series, being creative with a pencil and a little bit of boxing now and then. I enjoy travel as well.

Five quick-fire questions

  • Favourite Shape? 
  • Favourite Holiday destination?
    As long as I haven't been there before and the weather is warm and sunny, I'm good to go
  • Favourite Author?
    Gillian Flynn
  • Favourite Music?
    Drum and Bass
  • Favourite Quote?
    'Take a leap of faith'
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