Patrick Speijers
Patrick Speijers
May 22, 2014

Just Integrated: Great Service & Better Retention

The Grid RetentionGrid
It’s a known fact that happy customers buy more. This is the major reason why great customer service and better retention go hand-in-hand.

For many web stores, it is still difficult to tie their customer service efforts to better retention. Today, I am proud to announce that we did it: ROBIN has created a unique two-way integration with the coolest retention app on the planet: RetentionGrid.

Great Service Better Retention

Why ROBIN loves RetentionGrid

80% of customers only buy from a store once. That is the problem RetentionGrid is set out to solve. And since poor customer service is the number one reason customers don’t come back - we believe ROBIN and RetentionGrid are a match made in heaven.

I was immediately in love when I first stumbled across RetentionGrid in the Shopify app store. I was in love straight away. That same day I contacted the CEO of RetentionGrid, Kevin Dykes and planned a meeting with him and his team.

After our meeting, their tweet revealed a mutual love affair:


What exactly does RetentionGrid do?

RetentionGrid continuously runs intelligent customer segmentation analysis for your online store. It then predicts a selling opportunity and alerts the shop manager about what to do to win repeat business.

The app automatically creates targeted campaigns that include personalized recommendations for each unique customer. It then learns what works best and optimizes future actions.

Check out the RetentionGrid video below for more information:

What exactly are we integrating?

All ROBIN users who are on Shopify will now automatically see the branded grid from RetentionGrid in their customer service dashboard with the benefit of no extra charge.

RetentionGrid provides you with an easy-to-understand lifecycle segmentation analysis that reveals customer loyalty at a glance. The seven colored areas on The Grid helps you understand how to think about and communicate with customers in one way or another.

ROBIN has used this visual retention language and applied the colors to all incoming customer questions. This way every customer is labeled with the phase of the customer lifecycle, enabling the support team to make more insightful decisions.

RetentionGrid on the other hand, took ROBIN’s customer service data and added it to their intelligent customer segmentation analysis. This data can be used by merchants to refine marketing email campaigns based on customer service interactions. This way, merchants can exclude customers with a negative customer service experience, or include a discount coupon to the ones who have had a positive experience.

The Grid from RetentionGrid looks like this (below) in your ROBIN dashboard:

ROBIN dashboard RetentionGrid

RetentionGrid integration looks like this (below) in the customer panel of your ROBIN dashboard:

ROBIN conversation RetentionGrid

Public launch event hosted by Shopify

On June 18th, 2014 we are showcasing our integration during a public launch event in the Shopify offices in Toronto, Canada. Are you a Shopify expert, Shopify merchant, blogger or journo? Are you in Toronto on that date? If yes, - reserve your seat today!

I’m proud that these two love birds met in the Shopify app store. ROBIN and RetentionGrid add great value to Shopify merchants. Their integration brings support & retention to a whole a new level.” – Blair Beckwith Head of Shopify App Store.

Meanwhile: check ROBIN out in the Shopify app store!

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