Michiel Gaasterland
Michiel Gaasterland
Chief Brand Officer
May 27, 2014

ROBIN Rolls Out Bigcommerce E-commerce Integration

BigCommerce ROBIN BirdGreat news for Bigcommerce store owners: ROBIN has completed the integration of Bigcommerce e-commerce data into the ROBIN customer service dashboard.

Viewing recent orders, billing and shipping data, right next to the customer’s question allows your customer support team to provide better support in less time.

The integration of e-commerce data is now available for Shopify, Magento, SEOshop and Bigcommerce. Web stores on other e- commerce platforms can use our API to integrate.

Winning with customer service

With over 50,000 connected stores, and close to $3 billion in combined sales, Bigcommerce is a major player in the e-commerce landscape. Bigcommerce helps merchants grow their business with built-in marketing tools, powerful SEO features and a much praised abandonment cart saver.

Attracting new customers will be a priority for any Bigcommerce store. With a great product and a solid e-commerce platform, you have two out of three critical prerequisites covered. The third of course is service!

Research shows that customer service is the number one reason why customers stay or leave. That means you can’t afford to drop the ball on service!

That’s where ROBIN comes in. ROBIN is designed to be the simplest, smartest route to great customer service for web stores.

How can ROBIN help Bigcommerce stores?

ROBIN streamlines all your customer conversations into one easy to use, online team dashboard. ROBIN supports email, live chat, web form, Twitter and phone registration.

Having all these conversations - from all channels - in one central place increases your team’s focus on customer service and reduces the chance of errors. It also increases your productivity and lowers response times.

By adding the customer’s order, billing and shipping info, lifetime value, conversation history and other data right next to their question – your web store team can give better answers, in less time.

To make things super easy for you, ROBIN automatically routes customer questions to the right team member — based on whoever is best suited to answer that specific question. When they get there, ROBIN then suggests answers for each customer.

BigCommerce Customer Service App ROBIN

Setting up ROBIN

Setting up ROBIN for your Bigcommerce store is easy. The Bigcommerce one click install process provides you with each simple step.

When you land in the ROBIN dashboard for the first time, you will see our set-up wizard which guides you through the necessary steps and helps you customize ROBIN to your every need.
And as always, when you have any questions or need any help setting ROBIN up, just hit that Contact tab on the right side of the web site or drop us an email at support@robinhq.com. We love to help!

PS - A small note for Team users

ROBIN is part of the integrated Bigcommerce app store. This means you can run our app within the Bigcommerce backend. However, the Bigcommerce backend doesn’t have multiple user logins.
That means that it is best to use https://app.robinhq.com to login with your personal login details.

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