Should you bot or not? It depends.

In this white paper, we help eCommerce and customer service leaders align around the potential of artificial intelligence in customer service — with a specific focus on chatbots and service conversations.

We help you cut through the BS around AI and marketing claims for chatbots.

We help you understand what to bot, what not to bot, and ultimately; how to win at service when the future will be dominated by those who understand both the value of tech and humans.

What do we discuss in this white paper?


The different types of Artificial Intelligence

AI is about machines doing stuff like humans can and it doesn’t have to be smart to have value.

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Real-life service questions throughout the journey

Questions taken from each phase of the shopper journey, from orientation through to unboxing.

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Which shopper questions are actually bottable

Can 80% of shoppers questions really be resolved by chatbots as is boldly claimed?

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