Why Revolution chose ROBIN to tackle their productivity challenge

With millions of fans, followers, and customers, Revolution Beauty interacts with hundreds of people each day. This means constantly receiving messages and requests through its website, social media accounts, email, and more.

While the brand’s support team has always done a good job of serving Revolution Beauty’s customers, they knew that they could be more efficient.

Revolution Beauty was challenged with a system that did not support their ambition to be more productive: tickets were not assigned efficiently, conversation were scattered across channels and there was no visibility into the customer service reps’ time spent. So, Revolution looked for another solution and subsequently started their partnership with ROBIN.

With ROBIN, Revolution increased their productivity by 50% and went from a backlog of 2000 tickets to inbox zero. In just two weeks.

So, how did we do it? We’d love to tell you. Download our case study to find out.

ROBIN is intuitive to use and has helped Revolution’s team become significantly more efficient and productive.

Katie Hucks
Customer Service Manager - Revolution Beauty

As a team, we continue to come up with new ideas for Revolution Beauty and we keep in close e-mail contact; wether it’s concerning an issue that has arisen or just to make sure everything is going as planned.


Rutger de Ruiter
Product Manager - ROBIN

Customers expect great service; your service team needs to deliver. Make sure they have the right resources to be able to increase their productivity. Read all about it in our case study.

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