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Crush the competition with service.

eCommerce customer service software plus
expert coaching—for a fixed monthly price

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Three things you should know...

Our most successful customers all have the ambition to compete on customer service. They know customer service manages critical touch-points of the customer experience. And, they empower their teams to deliver consistently.

Introducing the ROBIN Program

We’ve designed the ROBIN Customer Service Success Program to give eCommerce and Retail brands everything they need to crush the competition with service.

The unique combination of our conversation engine with built-in KPIs, plus expert coaching, gets you where you need to be, quicker. From setup and data/system integration to goal-setting, monthly face-time with your dedicated customer success manager, annual reviews and reporting—we’ve got you covered.

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Conversation engine

Managing conversations is at the heart of great customer service. The conversation engine offers a single, centralized team dashboard for all channels. Its smart yet simple design helps you deliver more personal, pro-active and effective service—while lowering the cost of customer acquisition.

What it helps you do

  • Stay on top of all channels
    There’s just one central team dashboard for all customer questions, from all channels.

  • Be proactive in customer service 
    A customisable, multi-brand contact widget for e-mail and (proactive) live chat.

  • Know your customer 
    Relevant eCommerce & customer data is displayed next to the shopper’s question.

  • Get rid of tickets 
    No queues with ROBIN. Questions are assigned to specific reps to handle through personal routing.

  • Manage the conversation 
    ROBIN is packed with features to help your service team have better conversations.

KPI console

Developing a KPI framework is tough and time-consuming. So, building on our experience with over 500 eCommerce and Retail brands, we did it for you. This powerful management tool gives you a grip on the 8 essential KPIs—ultimately helping you improve customer lifetime value, and make significant CX gains.


  • Set goals for each KPI 
    Ambition without a goal is just a wish. Each month we set new goals. Our console tracks progress over time.

  • See performance at a glance
    The ROBIN Customer Service Index (CSI) shows your overall team performance, at-a-glance.

  • Manage the 8 KPIs 
    The Index is made up of 8 KPIs that help you build, manage and sustain service levels.

  • Analyze data, discover trends 
    Experience how different metrics and KPIs impact each other. Track how they evolve over time.

Expert coaching

ROBIN’s expert coaches help you make the most of your resources. Whether it’s in analysis, KPI management or workload optimization, or in the skills and knowledge to identify and solve issues before they happen, we help you build an efficient, productive team.

What you get

  • Dedicated, expert assistance
    Your dedicated, experienced, coach is always on-hand for both tactical and strategic advice.

  • Monthly customer success call
    Monthly face-time with your coach to discuss progress, pain points, opportunities and planning.

  • Tailored reporting
    Reporting that suits you: from weekly digests of critical KPI changes to full monthly overviews.

  • Annual plan and review
    Video call for initial program setup, followed by an annual review, and a plan for the next year.

Enough about us. How about you?

Would you like to know more about what ROBIN can do for your business? We’d love to have a chat.

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