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Best in class service
for every shopper.

E-Commerce customer service software plus expert coaching
for a fixed monthly price

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The new reality of E-Commerce customer service

In a physical retail store we instantly help our customers.
Online, we have them wait 24 hours for a response.

But the E-Commerce times they are a-changin'.

Leading E-Commerce stores are answering e-mails within' one hour.
And live chats in 20 seconds. Today we call them best-in-class.

Tomorrow best in class is the new standard.

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Introducing: ROBIN E-Commerce customer service success program

It's not our software that turns your eCommere store into a best in class service performer. It's how your team uses it.
It also won't happen overnight. Or without effort.

Join the program, so we’re in it together.


ROBIN offers a phased, result-driven approach to measurably turn your web store into a high performance service company.

Data & KPI's

You progress through the roadmap using a fixed KPI & reporting structure - leveraging data from multiple sources.

Active coaching

Data is great. Action is better. Your dedicated ROBIN customer success manager helps you optimize your KPI's.

A phased and measurable approach towards best in class performance

A phased and measurable approach towards best in class performance

Best in class
Service & Sales

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  • Conversion
  • Average Order Value
  • Engagement Ratio
  • Availability
  • Speed
  • Effectivity
  • Friendliness
  • Productivity

What are we going to do for you?

Setting goals

At the start of the year, we determine our goals. Each month we gradually raise the bar. Together we grow towards our common objectives.

Optimizing resources

Efficiency & productivity are the foundation of your service team. That's why we start with balancing your in- and outgoing workflow with your existing resources.

Monitor & analyse KPI's

ROBIN pulls in performance data from various sources and turns this data into KPI's. We then help you monitor & analyse, so you can do the right thing at the right time.

Optimizing KPI's

Based on our extensive experience with over 100 leading online retailers, we coach you on how to e.g. start responding faster, organise smarter and sell more.

Monthly call

In the Monthly Call with your dedicated success manager, we are discussing progress, KPI's, possible pain points, optimization opportunities and planning.

Weekly CEO report

Success in service starts with the boss. It's the Commanders' Intent that's driving ambition and goal setting. That's why we keep the CEO in the loop with a weekly digest.

Detect team skills

ROBIN works with named accounts. This makes it easy to analyse data and spot who is good in what, and who might need help in a specific area.

Improve team skills

In co-operation with our training partner ExtraTrainers, we offer training to improve the soft skills of your service staff. Trainings are offered at an additional cost.

App management

ROBIN is super easy to use. But setting up the system and tailoring it to your specific needs can become a tedious little job. That's why we take care of that for you.

Tasklist management

In the Monthly Calls we plan your optimization activities. Your success manager will actively drive the process forward by reminding relevant team members of upcoming tasks.


Proven E-Commerce customer service technology plus expert coaching for a fixed monthly price.

Customer success program

  • Expert coaching & support
  • All software functionality
  • 3 full-time users
  • 12 internal (2nd line) users
  • API access for third party integrations

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Best in class performers embrace fast service and effective communication. By doing so, they maximize their conversion rates. But you won’t become a best in class performer overnight.

What can the ROBIN Program do for you? Let's connect.

Monthly billed

€ 1.499,-

per month

Who will you join?

In The Netherlands, over 100 leading E-Commerce stores are using ROBIN software. Some of them are already in our customer success program.

Harold Konijnenberg
Quote At Foto Konijnenberg we aspire to become an online service leader in Europe. ROBIN's data driven approach combines the best of technology, knowledge sharing and active coaching to get us one step closer to our goal - every day.Quote
Harold Konijnenberg • Managing director at Foto Konijnenberg