Patrick Speijers
Patrick Speijers
Apr 6, 2012

Robin in de finale!

We are proud! We are riding the waves of positive energy! Why?


Of what? Well, of The Next Web BizSpark Startup Rally! And in the category "Best Web App" of the Dutch Startup Awards! Two great honors.

Whaaaaaaa, we are SO excited.

TNW BizSpark Startup Rally
Weeks ago we submitted Robin as startup and 3 rounds later (we submitted a video pitch and did an interview), we have been selected out more than 200 submissions as one of the nine finalists in the Alpha Rally. The Startup rally is powered by BizSpark, the partnerprogram from Microsoft for startups, where Robin is participating in.
Together with 18 others, Alpha andn Beta Rally, we will present and launch Robin on stage in front of a big high quality audience on The Next Web Conference!
The Next Web Conference will be held on 26 en 27 april in Amsterdam. Order a ticket, or tune in on the live stream during the conference to follow us!
Extra info:
Press release Presenting the 19 finalists of the TNW BizSpark Startup Rally or here the article on TNW.

Dutch Startup Awards
Earlier this week Robin was nominated for a Dutch Startup Award in the category "Best Web App" together with 4 other dutch startups. A lot of votes are already in the pocket and the complete Robin team travels with a bag full of confidence to Hotel V in Amsterdam where the award show will be held. Patrick de Laive promised us a nice party. Untill April 10 19.30 CET votes can be submitted! So if you haven't voted yet, please hurry up and give us your vote: Vote for Robin | "Best Web App"

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