Growth suite

Adapt to conversational commerce. Add more channels. Automate more. Boost performance. Improve CX.

What’s in the Growth suite?

  • Advanced integrations and connections

  • Performance and productivity tools

  • Chatbot, automation and self-service solutions

  • Hands-on, data-driven problem-solving support from our wonderful team

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Connect with your customers

Once you have your customer service house in order, it’s time to start adding more channels. Go where your customer are. Connect your Console with the most popular conversational commerce channels.

Public social connectors

Engage with your customers on public social channels like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Messaging connectors

Facebook Messenger. WhatsApp for Business. Essential connections for conversational commerce.

Channel connectors image

Stay on top of customer expectations

Monitor essential service metrics in real-time. Prevent problems. Motivate your team. Stay on top of customer expectations.

Live chat wallboard image

Live chat wallboard

See Live chat response times to your SLAs by rep.

Daily Productivity wallboard image

Productivity wallboard

Keep track of your team's productivity in real-time.

Workload wallboard image

Workload wallboard

Stay on top of service and sales conversation SLAs.

Sales wallboard image

Sales wallboard

Celebrate deals and show assisted sales results.

Live chat wallboard image

Boost performance & productivity

Start scaling customer service. Automate conversations. Implement chatbots. Gain insight into customer sentiment. Improve customer self-service.

Chatbot design

Automate simple, repetitive questions to free resources and improve CX

Customer feedback

Automated customer intelligence to improve sales, CX and customer loyalty

Self-service connection

Dynamic content library to help personalise service and suggest answers

ROBIN Expert Coaches

Hands-on help when you need it

Some challenges need hands-on help. Our personal coaches have helped more than 120 brands scale Live Chat, boost performance, improve resource planning, and create roadmaps for conversational commerce.

If you’d like help with any of these things, feel free to reach out to Edwin van Veen, our Head of Customer success, Coaching & Support. He will be happy to help.

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