eCommerce integration

The ROBIN eCommerce integration enables your team to deliver faster, more personal service experiences. It also boosts productivity, increases sales and completes your reporting too.

Connect your eCommerce system

  • Connect any system you want using the ROBIN API

  • Show eCommerce & customer data right next to the customers’ question

  • Spark more sales with win messages & life-time value

  • Enrich customer service KPIs & reporting with eCommerce data

Examples of systems that have integrated with ROBIN before:

Enrich your customer profile

Showing contextual eCommerce & customer data helps your service reps deliver faster and more personal customer service. It also gives you massive productivity gains as your reps don’t have to search different systems to find the right info.

  • Integration works for all channels

  • Customise the fields in the customer profile

  • Integrate multiple webstores and eCommerce systems

  • Integrations with CRM, ERP or CDP also possible

Verrijk klantprofiel afbeelding

Spark more sales

When a customer buys something, after contacting your service team, the service rep gets a ‘win message’. The revenue is then attributed to this service rep. This works for all customer service channels. The integration also fuels commerce data in the inbox as well as in-app performance stats.

Verrijkte inbox items

Enriched inbox items

Win messages

Win messages

In-app Performance

In-app performance

Complete reporting

The connection with your eCommerce platform also enriches your ROBIN data warehouse with commerce data. This fuels your tailor made BI views with insights into conversion and order values per team, service rep and channel. The data is also used for your KPI framework.

Verrijk KPI framework

Enrich your KPI framework

Measure the impact of your service team on conversion, order values as well as complaint- and return reduction.

Verrijk Tableau rapportages

Enrich your Tableau reports

Detailed Tableau views show the intersection between service & commerce.

Verrijk KPI framework

Questions on system integration?

Over the years our team has helped hundreds of companies develop the right eCommerce integration. Don’t hesitate to ask us for advice! We also love working with your eCommerce agency or IT-department!

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