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Convert like a retailer Convert like a retailer

Give your team the tools to convert conversations into orders. Follow the pages the shopper is browsing. See the contents of the shopping basket. Take over the screen with co-browsing. Start a chat. And see real-time sales results in your dashboard.

See what your
customer sees

During service conversations, ROBIN keeps you up to date of the shoppers' browsing behavior on your store.

Viewed products

See the contents of the shopping basket

Just like in a brick an mortar store, you need to know which items the shopper is considering, so you can give best advise.

Viewed products panel

Take your service
one level further

With co-browsing and chat you make it even easier for your customer to take the right purchase decision.


Get a daily view of how much your team has sold

How many customer questions have led to an order? ROBIN gives you a real-time view in your dashboard.

Performance data

Train your

ROBIN offers soft skills training to help your team become customer service super heroes.

ROBIN train je mensen

Personal service is more sales.
What does your business case look like?