Patrick Speijers
Patrick Speijers
Nov 20, 2012

Today, customer service is all about speed

Today, customer service is all about speed.

Go into any shopping centre, and you’ll see that there are countless shops that sell clothes, any number of shoe shops, and even plenty of bookstores. With the shift into the online world, getting someone to look at what you have to offer, and buy it, is even more difficult, if you take into account that going to another shop is just a click away.

The deciding factor, that makes customers return to the same shop over and over again is (usually) service. Customer service. Because we like it when the barista knows how we drink our coffee in the morning, we enjoy having the butcher call us by name and offer us the latest prime cut of rib, and it’s great to walk into a shop and not feel the immediate pressure to buy something.

Part of that service that we all love, is, as we said, speed. The response time of businesses to customer questions and customer requests has become super important, as not only do customers talk to the business, they also talk on Facebook and Twitter - often at the same time. How many times have you seen statuses that say ‘Still on the phone waiting for O2 support, already 30 minutes’? And each status like that gets shared, and liked, and commented on...

Take a look at the numbers for a second:
On Twitter, 30% of customers expect an answer within 30 minutes. On Facebook, 29% expect a response from a company that they’ve messaged in under two hours.

Once, getting a response from a company was unheard of. Later on, you might get an envelope back, with a typewritten response inside. Today? If you don’t answer within 30 minutes on Twitter, the customer just shrugs, and moves on to the next company.

Now just imagine how fast they expect an answer when they are browsing on YOUR site, looking through YOUR products. Imagine how delighted they will be when you answer not a day later, but within an hour - or if possible within minutes!

And this is exactly where Robin comes in. With automated answer suggestions, an option to notify different people on your team, depending on the customer’s question, and a mobile app for the iPhone and iPad, we make sure that you are always available for your customers, no matter where you, or for that matter, they, are. ROBIN - interaction on the fly!

So try out Robin today!

No costs, a risk free trial is available for you here - or in case you have any questions, why not contact us now? We’re right here :)

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