Leadership Lessons for Directors: KPIs & the Commander’s Intent

Michiel Gaasterland
Jan 21, 2020 Michiel Gaasterland

The goal of eCommerce and digital directors is to help brands maximise commercial outcomes from their digital channels. And tackling customer service is just one part of this, so the amount of attention they can put there is often limited. However, a director’s leadership plays a critical role in how quickly a department professionalises and even its level of success. This is why, our coaches help directors develop a Commander’s Intent — something one of America’s greatest CEOs was all too familiar with.

Five management styles that build high performing customer service teams

Michiel Gaasterland
Oct 17, 2018 Michiel Gaasterland

We’ve identified five distinct management styles that help build high-performing customer service teams—but the most successful managers are adaptive ninjas who can switch between styles!

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