Patrick Speijers
Patrick Speijers
Jan 14, 2013

ROBIN wins Dutch E-commerce Software Innovation Award 2013

On January 10th 2013 the Dutch branch association for on-line retail ( rewarded ROBIN -the intelligent customer service assistant for web stores- with the Software Innovation Award 2013.

The Dutch Thuiswinkel Innovation Awards are intended for companies who make an important contribution to improve e-Commerce. The winners were elected by a specialized jury headed by Professor Cor Molenaar, professor e-Marketing & Distance Selling at Erasmus University Rotterdam. Decisive elements for the jury to reward ROBIN with the award were added value for both on-line retailer and consumers, usability, functionality, scalability and ease of implementation. The other finalist in the “Software” category was the Customer Interaction Group with a specific case on a customer service solution for Fonq.

“We are very proud to receive this award as it is recognition for our hard work and dedication to create a genuine innovation in customer service software for small and medium sized webstores. Knowing we are continuously moving forward in our mission to improve e-Commerce customer service, we never expected to receive such an award during our Start-Up phase. Furthermore we are very excited to see that both finalists are active on customer service solutions, which makes it evident that excellent service is regarded as an important value.” said Patrick Speijers, co-founder of ROBIN.

After the jury selected the two finalists; Customer Interaction Group and ROBIN , a three-man delegation of the jury evaluated their final presentations. Joos Lambrechtsen (, Arthur Vastenholt ( and Eric Haverkort (Otto) reported their findings to the other members of the jury.

Patrick Speijers presented the innovation that is at the very heart of ROBIN, including a live demonstration where he showed how to realize a shopintegration with ROBIN in less than a minute via the SEOshop appstore, and visualizing the added value of intuitive display and intelligently provided real-time order information.

After jury deliberation, the awards were announced by Professor Cor Molenaar. The jury was impressed by the ease of implementation and usability that will be a welcome solution for the huge group of small and medium sized online retailers. The other finalist Customer Interaction Group presented a specific case on a customer service solution for Fonq.

Proudly holding the one and only Dutch e-Commerce Software Innovation award 2013, which will have a nice space in our office. It’s a nice recognition and compliment for our customers and staff. And according to Maarten Rooseboom of Qweery, winner of the award in 2012, a worthy successor. 2013 couldn’t kick off in a better way!
Photography: TIMBRANDSMAphotography

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