Patrick Speijers
Patrick Speijers
Jan 19, 2016

ROBIN rolls out channel API: measure sales conversion for all your service channels

channel-api-thumbToday, we rolled out ROBIN’s real-time channel API. This API allows ROBIN customers to connect any channel (with an open API) to their ROBIN customer service dashboard.

This means that as a ROBIN customer you can now add for instance Facebook Messenger or WeChat to your channel strategy and measure conversion on each channel. We have joined forces with TheChatFactory to also unlock WhatsApp - which doesn’t yet have a business API - for your ROBIN dashboard.

What’s in the channel

PriceWaterhouseCoopers research [PDF] from July 2015 shows that phone (84%), email (55%) and live chat (44%) are the preferred service channels for customers in retail.

Adding a new channel to your channel strategy can unlock new opportunities, but in the end it’s about the quality and speed of service, rather than the number channels. That’s why we often advise our customers to first focus on speeding up response times on email, before they start adding new channels to the mix.

Also, as an E-Commerce store, you need to measure the impact of a new channel on conversion. Without it, you’re just adding a gadget to your store.

“you need to measure the impact of a new channel on conversion. Without it, you’re just adding a gadget to your store.”

Optimize sales conversion per service channel

In 2015 we have signed up 50 of the largest and fastest growing retail & E-Commerce organizations in The Netherlands. The ROBIN team helps them set goals, measure, analyze and optimize.

The journey towards personal, real-time and proactive service starts with creating a solid base for customer satisfaction - mostly using phone and email only. From that base, we start scaling up live chat and proactive chat.

Based on the existing integration with your E-Commerce platform, ROBIN shows you exactly the conversion on customer contact channels. We already do this for email, live chats and registered phone calls.

So, with the new channel API you can now add channels such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Instagram and WeChat to your channel strategy in a controlled way. It allows you to increase your service levels without losing sight of your most important E-Commerce goal: sales conversion.


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