Patrick Speijers
Patrick Speijers
Nov 21, 2012

ROBIN partners with SEOshop to deliver an integrated                  E-Commerce customer service solution [PRESS RELEASE]

ROBIN, the cloud-based intelligent social customer service assistant for online retailers who differentiate themselves by their level of customer experience, announces a new partnership with SEOshop, leading all-in-one e-commerce platform in The Netherlands, resulting in a fully integrated online and social customer service solution to offer to its users. ROBIN is one of the very first apps in the app store, part of the new eCosystem, by SEOshop.

While many companies still regard customer support as a necessary evil, most successful companies recognize customer service as an important part of their marketing efforts. Customer loyalty is at least as important as finding new customers. That goes double for starting web stores who still have to build customer confidence.

SEOshop and ROBIN both recognize the high commercial value of e-commerce customer care. Excellent customer service means that you respond fast, personal and relevant to the request of the customer. Because many customer requests concern pending orders, the link between the two systems is of a great commercial value to the web shop owners.

In order to achieve the ultimate effective and efficient customer support, ROBIN now provides you instantly and relevant additional information, such as:

  • client details
  • complete contact history
  • an intelligent relevant and editable answer suggestion
  • order information (order info, picking lists, shipping info, invoices) from the SEOshop

This valuable information is instantly displayed in one screen that is utmost simple to read and easy to work with when handling email, web forms, twitter and phone. In case you might need something more, ROBIN offers internal live-chat in the same window, which makes it easy for you to involve and ask your colleague(s) is a really practical way. In addition to providing valuable information, and significant time savings, this makes delivering excellent service so much easier.

The integration between the two platforms is ready within just 1 click (really!), making it still only a 10 minute exercise to create your own Robin, add communication channels to your web store, link it to the SEOshopplatform and to start discovering the benefits of effective and efficient e-commerce customer service.

"As a user of SEOshop I am very excited about this new application and how the integration works and looks. It works really super easy (even on my iPhone!) And being able to work with it without any form of training and complicated settings is really nice. We expect good results also from the built-in customer satisfaction ratings." said Alice Verheij of

"The introduction of our eCosystem illustrates our vision that together with our partners we can support our customers even better and achieve great things. We are delighted that ROBIN is one of the first parties to show a very impressive combination of both products. Customer Service is a very important instrument to differentiate and build long-term customer relationships. All parties involved will benefit from this", said Ruud Stelder, CEO SEOshop.

According to Patrick Speijers, CEO of ROBIN, the investment in such an integration is part of the unique 100% focus on e-commerce customer service. And this is just the beginning, because our mission to turn customer service for the online shoppers and online retailers into something simply wonderful, will bring many more great surprises to follow.

For users of SEOshop ROBIN is directly available through the SEOshop Appstore.


Robin is the cloud based customer service app for online retailers to enhance customer satisfaction, trust and loyalty.  Managing conversations from different communication channels like twitter, phone, e-mail and out-of-the-box webform has never been so easy. Robin can be used on desktop, tablet or mobile and has native apps for iPad and iPhone. In order to optimize customer happiness and build trust and loyalty it is key to be responsive and give personal and relevant answers to customer enquiries. Robin is a Dutch software company, founded in 2011 and reached the finals of The Next Web Startup Rally during TNW Conference Amsterdam in 2012.

About SEOshop
SEOshop is a hosted E-Commerce solution that allows people to set up and run their own online store. Owning an online store with SEOshop starts at €40 per month, including hosting, maintenance, and updates. While the store owner can focus on growing the online store, SEOshop looks after its performance and reliability. Modifying the design is easy; even made-to-measure designs can be implemented. Daily tasks, including order delivery, accounting, management of returns and updating the product catalogue can be executed in the backoffice. SEOshop also offers more than 150 integrations like payment methods, marketing tools and local systems that are of great value to the (international) customer. Online store owners can try the platform 14 days for free.

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