Michiel Gaasterland
Michiel Gaasterland
Chief Brand Officer
Sep 30, 2014

ROBIN product update: new web form seamlessly integrates live chat & email – and more!

Howdy! It’s been a while since the last update on this blog. Not that we haven’t been publishing! Throughout the summer we have continuously been publishing posts over at our other blog ‘Definitive Guide to Customer Service for Online Stores’.

Moreover, we’ve been busy developing new features to help you - eCommerce storeowners - deliver better service with less effort.

Let’s take a look at what our development team been up to this summer and start with an optimization we rolled out on the ROBIN website today:

New, improved contact form seamlessly integrates email and live chat

Many online stores offer customer support via email as well as via live chat. Often these stores end up with multiple contact buttons, multiple web forms, on different pages of their website. This increases the amount of effort a customer needs to put in - which is the #1 reason for customer disloyalty.

ROBIN unites live chat and email into one universal web form. The form has one look and feel, opens without the shopper having to leave the web page, and automatically reopens when a shoppers decides to continue browsing.

ROBIN users can put themselves online via the ROBIN dashboard. This is how you change the contact tab status from CONTACT to LIVE CHAT, and vice versa. When shoppers click the contact button, they are presented with the option to email, start a chat or make a phone call. We will make this feature available next week. Meanwhile, here’s a preview:


The contact form has a slightly different layout for live chat and email. For live chat the shopper can choose to use the send button or to simply use the enter button (Skype style).

The contact form can now open from the bottom left or right corner of your website as well as from the left or right side of your website, depending on the position of the contact tab.

Give the contact form a try and hit our contact tab on the right side of our website. Even just to say hi!


To close off, here’s a round up of other new features and optimizations we’ve released over summer!

Easily search your customer conversations

It was already possible to search your conversations by e-mail address and customer name. We have now extended our search to the subject line and the contents of the messages in your inbox, team inbox and archive as well.


ROBIN works with an algorithm that automatically suggests the right answers based on the shoppers question. Many of you wanted to be able to add ‘canned responses’ of your own as well. So we build it!


Multi-store customization

ROBIN is the easiest multi-store customer service solution in the world. Adding additional online stores to your customer service dashboard is as easy as pie.

Over the summer, we have added more customization options for ROBIN multi-store users. You can now customize email template and contact for per web store.

What else can you expect from ROBIN?

We’ll be back with you with more product news soon. We’ve got some very exciting stuff coming up. To lift a corner of the veil… it’s an extension to our live chat functionality that allows you to serve your customers even better with personal conversation! ☺

Meanwhile, feel free to join our upcoming webinar together with Nosto, WeMakeWebSites and Shopify on Thursday October 9th 4pm CEST (3 pm BST / 7 am PDT / 10 am EDT).


In this webinar, eCommerce experts will share proven tips on how to boost the sales of your Shopify store this holiday season with quick wins - to make this the best holiday season of your online store so far. Ho ho ho!

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