Michiel Gaasterland
Michiel Gaasterland
Chief Brand Officer
Jan 22, 2014

5 Small Steps to Multi-Store Customer Service: a Giant Leap for E-Commerce

ROBIN multistore customer serviceBAM! Today, we added another major feature to ROBIN: multi-store customer service.

This means that ROBIN users, who operate multiple online stores, can now offer top notch customer support using one, easy to use, dashboard.

The multi-store functionality is part of our Team Pro plan which is competitively priced at $199 (€ 149) per month. Team Pro includes 5 users, multi-store functionality, order information,  retention information, word of mouth integration, live chat and much more.

We also offer a 14 day free trial, so you can try out all the ROBIN functionality.

Multi-Store Customer Service ROBIN

Why multi-store customer support

Multi-store support was often requested by online entrepreneurs who run multiple web stores as well as by e-commerce managers from retail organizations who run multiple branded stores for various product lines.

Creating seamlessly integrated multi-store environments for e-commerce can be challenging, especially when you are not a techy.

Often, e-commerce entrepreneurs and SME retail organisations end up using different platforms for different brands and product lines. Using multiple backends to run your web stores is a nuisance, but eventually you learn to live with it.

But how about your customer service? How can a web store team deliver a fast and consistent, high quality customer service experience when they need to use multiple e-commerce backends, different email boxes and separate live chat solutions?

This is what we tasked ourselves to solve.

Multi Brand Customer Service for E-Commerce in 5 small steps

ROBIN is not a conventional ticketing system. ROBIN is a quick and agile conversation manager for web stores. ROBIN users do not need to spend a lot of time configuring their customer service tool. Instead, ROBIN automagically routes questions to the right team member, using a smart algorithm.

5 Steps To Multi Store Customer Service

Setting up multi-store customer service for your online store is easy and happens in only 5 small steps:

1. Place the ROBIN contact button on all your web stores

This is where we place the ROBIN javascript (a tiny piece of code) on your web store. For Shopify users, we place the javascript automatically. With other e-commerce platforms you have to cut ’n paste it in there yourself.

The javascript is how the e-commerce magic happens. Through this connection, we can help you manage customer satisfaction, focus on customer retention and create positive word of mouth.

In the ROBIN settings you can easily hide or change the color and position of the ROBIN contact tab. The contact tab opens the ROBIN contact form for live chat and email. The contact form can be accessed through any navigation item you want.

2. Forward the support email address from all your web stores to ROBIN

ROBIN is designed as an all-in one customer contact hub for web stores: one place for all your customer questions. And right next to the question we show you conversation history as well as relevant e-commerce data.

To experience ROBIN’s full value you need to forward your support email to ROBIN.

Forwarding your email to ROBIN is not too difficult. How you do it depends on your email provider. We try to be helpful here.

3. Add users to the ROBIN dashboard

Adding users to the dashboard is simple. Just fill in name and email address and a new customer service super hero is born. They can now log into their own personal ROBIN,  have the app run a browser tab and on their mobile phone or tablet.

Each team member can be assigned to a specific web store team. Team members can be assigned as 1st or 2nd line support. Notifications are all customizable from the dashboard.

4. Take a few minutes to customize

Every web store has it’s own tone, style and personality. In the ROBIN dashboard you can customize all text in the contact form and email templates. Also, you can set your business hours and your response time.

Customer satisfaction ratings are integrated into the ROBIN contact form and email templates. Red and orange smileys invite shoppers to keep the conversation going. Green smileys invite shoppers to write a review or share the love on Facebook.

As part of our TeamPlus and TeamPro plans, you can fully customize the text for smileys and set the destination for your word-of-mouth marketing.

5. Connect your e-commerce platform

ROBIN works on any e-commerce platform. But for Shopify, Magento and SEOshop we offer free e-commerce integration.

Showing e-commerce information – such as order, billing, and shipping info - in the customer service dashboard gives more context to the customer’s question to help you deliver better and faster customer service.

We also help you recognize your most loyal customers by showing you the first date of purchase, total number of orders as well as customer lifetime value so you can better prioritize customer support questions and increase customer retention.

Multiple stores, multiple platforms and multiple integrations

As part of the Team Pro plan, you can connect up to 5 web stores to your customer service dashboard. These stores can run on any e-commerce platform.

This means that even if you run 5 different stores of 5 different platforms – for instance on WooCommerce, OpenCart, PrestaShop, Shopify and Magento – you can connect all these stores to one ROBIN customer service dashboard. In this example you would also be able to integrate e-commerce data from your Shopify and Magento stores.

Soon, we will announce our open API, so that every other e-commerce platform can also be integrated with ROBIN.

More on that later!

More info?

As ever, feel free to hit the ROBIN contact button on right site of our web site. Out team will be with you in two shakes of a bird’s tail :-).

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