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Hanife Yeter
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Aug 13, 2019

Meet our Team: Martin, our sr. Software Developer

Martin profile photoWe really believe in personal, proactive service at ROBIN. So you can contact any one of us, any time you like. But because it’s always nicer to know a bit about someone before saying hello, we’re sharing short profiles of our fine folks in a brand new series.

Fifth in the spotlight is Martin de Jong, our sr. Software Developer. Continue reading to learn more about what he likes most about the job, his involvement in the development of ROBIN from the very beginning and what his greatest passion is. 

Hello there

Hi Martin, tell us a bit about what you do at ROBIN?

I am Martin de Jong and I am the developer at ROBIN. Together with my colleagues, I am responsible for building new features and expanding existing functionality. We’ve also created a system where we instantly can make a new function available to our customers. Besides, we monitor all our systems to make sure that we fix all the issues before our customers experience problems.

And why did you choose your profession?

When I first came into contact with computers (which was a long time ago!), it became  clear to me that this could be something that I would really like. Pretty soon after that, I enrolled myself for a study at HIO (HTS Informatics) and luckily enough I have no regret. What I like most about the job is that no two days are alike. Also when I look back at what I did 10 years ago, it’s completely different from what I am doing now.

What exactly is your favourite thing about working at ROBIN?

What I like most about ROBIN is that I have been involved in the development of the company from the very beginning. Think of the entire process, from the first internal demo, through the first paying customer, to where we are now! At ROBIN I have a strong feeling that I am part of the company, rather than being just an employee, as what I used to feel at other companies.

What makes me tick

Can you tell us of a time when you lived by one of our company values?

We are stronger together

In 2014, our team needed to make a very complex technical adjustment to our system. As a team, we did our very best not to cause any problems to our customers. Therefore, we decided to perform this operation in the middle of night. The entire team was working from home and via Skype we were able to constantly communicate with each other and keep an eye on everything.

Aside from work

How do you like to spend your free time?

My biggest passion is music. Not only do I like to listen to it and visit concerts regularly, but I also like to play bass in a band: King Krewl. Furthermore, I’m a fairly fanatic cyclist. I have been mountain biking for a long time now, but after a year on a fitness bike (this is some kind of a hybride), I recently made the switch to a racing bike. I mostly like to cycle on the Veluwe (which is a natural park in the Netherlands), but I also love the mountains in France! Lastly, I like to watch sports. As a loyal supporter of Ajax, I try to attend all European home-games.

Five quick-fire questions

  • Favourite movie?
    Le fabuleux destin d'Amélie Poulain
  • Favourite band?
  • Favourite pet?
    Our dog Yip
  • Favourite book?
    A Widow for One year – John Irving
  • Favourite quote?
    Everything is relative


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