Hanife Yeter
Hanife Yeter
Marketing Communications Manager
Aug 20, 2019

Meet our Team: Laurens, our Sales Director

Laurens profile photoWe really believe in personal, proactive service at ROBIN. So you can contact any one of us, any time you like. But because it’s always nicer to know a bit about someone before saying hello, we’re sharing short profiles of our fine folks in a brand new series.

Fifth in the spotlight is Laurens Atsma, our Sales Director. Continue reading to learn more about why he loves the Sales profession and what the success behind ROBIN is. 

Hello there

Hi Laurens, tell us a bit about what you do at ROBIN?

I am Laurens Atsma, Sales Director at ROBIN. I am responsible for the sale of our software and services to potential users. My duties mainly consist of generating new potential ROBIN fans, monitoring the progress of the current processes and connecting with strategic (Dutch) partners.

And why did you choose your profession?

I fell in love with the Sales profession a long time ago. What I love most about it is the feeling of freedom and flexibility. I find it very important to be “on the road”, as it is quite difficult to keep me inside. Another aspect is working with different people. During various company visits, you can build up a large network.

What exactly is your favourite thing about working at ROBIN?

What I like most about working at ROBIN is the company culture. There is an informal and spontaneous atmosphere and you can really feel that we are working on building something beautiful. That feeling makes me very happy! Also, the corporate story appeals a lot to me.

What makes me tick

Can you tell us of a time when you lived by one of our company values?

When I just started at ROBIN, I was able to attend an event (Internet Retailing Expo) in Birmingham, England. What I immediately noticed was the fact that at ROBIN every individual has his/her own talent. By using all our talents as an orchestra (take it as instruments), I strongly believe that we create something beautiful together. This was certainly reflected in the event, where we as a team really stood out of the crowd.

Aside from work

How do you like to spend your free time?

With four children I can profile myself as a real family man. In my free time, I prefer to spend a lot of time with them. I am also a fan of football. After being a trainer for seven years, I nowadays focus on my son, of whom I am a true loyal supporter. In addition, music plays an important role in my life.

Five quick-fire questions

  • Favourite movie?
  • Favourite dish?
    Steak and Italian dishes
  • Favourite holiday destination?
  • Favourite music?
    Hiphop, Techno and Techhouse
  • Favourite superhero?


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