Hanife Yeter
Hanife Yeter
Marketing Communications Manager
Aug 6, 2019

Meet our Team: Io, our Expert Coach

Io profile

We really believe in personal, proactive service at ROBIN. So you can contact any one of us, any time you like. But because it’s always nicer to know a bit about someone before saying hello, we’re sharing short profiles of our fine folks in a brand new series.

Fourth in the spotlight is Io Michels, our Expert Coach. Continue reading to learn more about his strength in training and coaching, his pride in the team's success, and what according to him is the reason behind the good vibe within the company.

Hello there

Hi Io, tell us a bit about what you do at ROBIN?

I am Io Michels and I am the Expert Coach. As a dedicated coach, I share deeper insights into customer service data and information, and look for the best solutions to offer our customers a top-notch Customer Service and Customer Journey.

And why did you choose your profession?

I’m an optimistic person with strong communication skills. I used to apply these skills in my previous sales jobs, but for the past several years I have noticed that my strength lies much more in training and coaching. The ability to think critically to find the best solutions and to turn these into action, gives me energy. What makes this profession even more special is, when you’re able to see that your customers experience powerful transformations through Coaching and Training. 

What exactly is your favourite thing about working at ROBIN?

At ROBIN we do everything to achieve success. Within the company everyone is very open, which definitely creates a positive ‘vibe’ within the organisation. In addition, we feel that the managers really care about the ROBIN team, which absolutely trigger us to commit ourselves 100% to the success of the company. Love that!

What makes me tick

Can you tell us of a time when you lived by one of our company values? 

We are stronger Together

In the past couple of months, I’ve been focusing on raising our Support team’s performance by structurally looking at where we are at the moment and where we want to go. These sessions have contributed to improving our motivation and (resolving) skills. Consequently, our team now consists of full-fledged professionals who possess the right capacity to proactively help our customers. We have achieved this together and I'm really proud of that.

Aside from work

How do you like to spend your free time?

I like boxing, but I also like to spend time with my friends and of course with my love.

Five quick-fire questions

  • Favourite music artist(s)?
    Kendrick Lamar, Joshua J and Adje
  • Favourite dish?
    Steak, but you can also wake me up at night for a ‘Frikandel Speciaal’ and Surinamese Corned Beef
  • Favourite holiday destination?
  • Favourite pet?
    A cat
  • Favourite music?
    Hiphop en R&B
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