Koen Schipper
Koen Schipper
May 24, 2012

Manage your e-mails with Robin

Today we launched a new feature in Robin. Using this feature you can manage your incoming e-mails and turn them into real conversations. While talking to our users we found out that communicating with their customers using Outlook or Gmail is far from optimal. Multiple users were answering the same e-mail and e-mails were answered to late or worse, weren't answered at all. A typical web shop using Robin handles about 5-100 conversations a day. These are mainly questions concerning the delivery of goods or payment related questions. So we thought hard on how to improve this process so we could help to improve customer satisfaction.

Starting today, you can handle replies on automatic order confirmations, replies on other automatic status updates send from your shop platform and direct e-mails using Robin. And get rid of using Outlook, Gmail or another e-mail client for answering incoming mails from your customers. When an e-mail enters Robin we transform it to a conversation and drop it into your inbox of into the inbox of one of your colleagues. Using Robin you can then give a short, personal and relevant answer.

When you have send the answer, your customer receives an e-mail containing a link to the answer. If he clicks on the link we take him to your web shop and we show the answer using the contact form. Here he can read the answer, reply or ask another question. But Robin also asks your customer to rate your answer. This helps you understand your customers better and to make your customers smile. Because that is what we love at Robin, happy customers.

Configuring Robin to handle your customer e-mails is very straightforward. Just forward all the mails your receive at your relevant e-mail addresses to your personal ...@supportbyrobin.com e-mail address. You can find this address in the e-mail settings of your Robin app. So what are you waiting for, fire up Robin and go and make your customers happy!


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