Patrick Speijers
Patrick Speijers
Oct 30, 2012

Feedback is awesome

Feedback is awesome.Feedback is awesome

Customer feedback is even awesomer.

Customer feedback helps improve your services, which in turn means more customers, and even more feedback, which you can use to improve your services, which in turn.... :)

Now, it’s a well known fact that most people don’t like leaving feedback. They may ask a couple of questions, but even if they do have feedback to give, they don’t always spell it out for you. So you have to learn to read between the lines.

Lets say, for example, that you own an online shop, and you sell t-shirts. Both people who come across your website, and your regular customers, are always asking you how to get to the ‘hoodies’ section. Now, they actually haven’t told you ‘you need a hoodie section’, but reading between the lines, you can understand that if you DID have a hoodie section, you’ll have more customers.

The feedback you get from your customers helps you shape your shop and offer a wider range of products, because you know that this is what they are looking for. So yes, sometimes you have to extract the information carefully, from the questions they ask and the questions they don’t ask, and sometimes the customer offers the feedback straight up front, and you have to decide what to do with it.

By the way, this is one of the ways you can use the internal chat system in Robin. Take a look at this conversation between Petra and Johan Johanson.

Johan contacts Petra, because he made a mistake in his order. Petra offers to help, and Johan adds that the filtering system in the website could be better.

Feedback is awesome
As you can see, Petra uses the internal messaging system on the right to add Alex, the web designer to the internal conversation. She asks him how long it will take to implement the new filtering feature.
Feedback is awesome

In this case, adding a ‘size’ filter turned out to be really simple - Alex just added a few lines of javascript, and added the new option.

Petra is updated as this happens, and can immediately let Johan know of the new filter - awesome customer service!

Feedback is awesome
And here’s a tip for you. If you learn about a new feature from a customer, and it takes more than a few lines of code, so you don’t implement it straight away - when you DO change a feature or add a product based on a customer’s request - don’t forget to let them know about it :)

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