Patrick Speijers
Patrick Speijers
Jan 5, 2012

Design of a great brand

In 2011 when we started the project for Robin under code name TX, we started working together (again) with interface designer Sharif Lukman. Besides he is a nice guy to work with, he is a smart creative thinker. We spend a lot of time together on a good brandname, tagline and visual. Based on what Robin must be: the sidekick for delivering great service, we came to comparisons with famous sidekicks. So there was Batman and Robin. So Robin is smart, willing to help, etc. and for marketing purposes the name Robin felt good. Robin is also a bird, for some people better known as a red robin. For some people in the team it was a bit unfamiliar, but now we all love the bird with his name.

This is the result:

I love birds and from now on Robin the most. In my opinion the visual is super cool. What I didn't realised when I saw the visual for the first time, is the number of details. When I saw "the making of" video, my respect for the visual became even bigger. Please take a look:

[av_video src='' format='16-9' width='16' height='9']

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