Patrick Speijers
Patrick Speijers
Jan 6, 2014

Batman Invests $1 Million in ROBIN

Batman invests in ROBIN

Today, I am happy to announce that ROBIN Software B.V. has raised a second round of seed funding of $1 Million.

The investment comes from Batman B.V. – the newly started investment company owned by Orbys Ventures and Jan-Willem Tusveld (

Batman invests 1 million in ROBIN

So, what are we going to do with the money?

A million dollars is a lot of money for such a small little bird from the lowlands. But this bird has big ambitions and needs to fly long distances.

Our ambition is to become the number one customer service app for web stores. We will do this by constantly enhancing the capability of small & medium sized retailers to eliminate bad customer service, create word of mouth and increase retention & loyalty.

As you might suspect, Batman and ROBIN have history together…

The story about incubating the egg

The concept of ROBIN was born in the dungeons of an old castle in Wilp, The Netherlands. In this castle, I worked together with a great team at a company called Trinicom – a leading Dutch Customer Service Software vendor for enterprises, which was acquired by Kana Software in 2012.

Two years ago, ROBIN received its first SEED funding from Trinicom’s founder and former CEO Wilco Rietberg (Triniventures holding). The investors from Batman B.V. have previously also invested in Trinicom. Now they come on board for a new customer service software venture, this time in the cloud and with an exclusive focus on e-commerce.

ROBIN is an easy to install customer service app for any web store on any e-commerce platform. Our focus is on small & medium sized web stores.

Most of these online stores don’t need a conventional ticketing system, with lots of options and configurations. They need a simple, agile and quick conversation manager that allows them to have fast interaction with customers to build conversion, increase retention and generate positive word of mouth. And that’s how we ended up building ROBIN.

ROBIN is at the intersection of three major growth markets: Cloud computing (36% CAGR), E-commerce (10% CAGR) and CRM software (9% CAGR). In the later category, growth is primarily driven by increased demand from SME’s who realize they need to invest in long-term relationships with their customers.

In a reaction a spokesperson from Batman B.V. says:

“This is a unification into one smooth mixture. An egg! Nature's perfect container. The container of all our hopes for the future.”

Where are we at now?

Currently, we serve about 500 active web stores. With this fresh cash injection we are now set to triple our active user base by the end of Q2 2014.

In our first year we focused on building a stable, reliable and easily expandable customer service app. Since we launched in April 2012 during TNW Startup Rally, we introduced ROBIN to more than 2.500 web stores. The input and feedback we received from these users has allowed us to refine our app and has fueled our 2014 development roadmap.

In April 2013, we introduced our first paid package (Premium, which includes Live Chat and 1 user for 14 USD p/m) and the possibility to purchase additional users (at 29 USD p/m). Just this month, we expanded our pricing model with two additional packages: Team Plus, which includes customer retention data and Team Pro, which allows merchants to run multiple web stores from one single dashboard. This functionality will become available no later than 21 January 2014.

Because of our advanced integrations with leading e-commerce platforms such as Shopify, Magento and SEOshop, we are able to offer merchants lots of added value that helps them create happy customers who buy more and tell others about their web store.

All ROBIN users that run on these e-commerce platforms see order, billing and shipping info right next to the customer’s question. This allows them to give their customers better answers in less time. In our paid packages, we’ve included additional customer retention info in the ROBIN dashboard and we’ve made it easy for online shoppers to recommend your store after a positive customer service experience.

In Q1 2014, we will be introducing an API which allows other web stores on different e-commerce platforms to add all these extra functionalities to their customer service dashboard as well.

Executing our growth strategy

To execute our growth strategy, we will do two things: first, we will continuously keep adding value to our existing customers, ask their feedback and keep building the functionality they ask for. Second, we will turn up the volume on the marketing of our app through our partner eco system.

This means that in the coming year we will be making many announcements of new killer features. We will also surprise you with announcements of exciting partner integrations. Also, you’ll see much more interesting fresh content from ROBIN, mostly on our blog but also via partner channels.

More news later!

Curious to know more about forthcoming integrations and killer features? I hate to disappoint you, but my rubber lips are immune to your charms! ;-) You’re gonna have to wait till the end of January for our next announcement.

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