Rutger de Ruiter
Rutger de Ruiter
Product Manager
Nov 12, 2019

ROBIN Advanced Routing: No tickets, no queues, no drama

Traditional ticketing systems first route all incoming customer questions to a queue, then they send them on to an agent. These help desk systems turn questions into tickets and people into numbers. They also silo people and channels, preventing your team from offering an effortless service experience.

Contrast this to ROBIN, where we have no tickets or queues. We’re designed around people and their conversations, so for all channels ROBIN assigns direct ownership of the incoming question to the proper customer service rep. Interested in how we do it? This article outlines how ROBIN combines Personal Routing with rules as well as skills-based routing to lower costs, increase productivity and improve quality service delivery.

Introducing Advanced Routing

The basic idea behind Personal Routing is to assign ownership directly to an active team member. ROBIN has always worked with this principle, because questions that get sent to a queue have no owner; leaving the customer unattended.

In the past, we would simply distribute the workload evenly across the active team members. Today, we take this to the next level by launching a two-stage feature called Advanced Routing. These additional routing rules, which utilise a combination of rules-based and skills-based elements, ensure no customer is ever left unattended in a queue.

Rules-Based Routing

Rules check who the sender is (i.e., e-mail, name, or a part of it) and what the subject looks like. If the established criteria are met, the incoming conversation is pushed straight to the Archive or Unwanted Inbox without human intervention. This prevents unwanted messages, like spam, from landing in your customer service Team Inbox.

ROBIN’s rules-based routing has another handy application, its “use to as from”. It’s a little trick wherein we switch the sender and receiver. This allows ROBIN customers to add other content easily – think order confirmations, personalised marketing e-mails and more –  to the ROBIN customers’ profile without any additional integration work!


Rules Based Triggers settings


Skills-Based Routing

Skills-based Routing is the second level, which is only triggered if no rules have been found. Here you can add labels that represent a skillset based on a group of keywords. Conversation subjects, along with the body of text, are scanned for these keywords. Aside from Archive and Unwanted, skills-based routing has a third routing outcome known as the Personal Inbox.

Reps are added to a label, and their assessed skill-level is easily set with a slider.


Advanced Triggers settings



Before a conversation lands in a customer service rep’s Personal Inbox, and the SLA kicks off, ROBIN can run a check on all relevant levels: storefronts, brands, channel type, presence, skills, and workload. 

Whatever workflow you prefer, ROBIN knows how to facilitate it. To demonstrate what we mean, a schematic overview of ROBIN’s Advanced Routing module is presented below.

Infographic: how ROBIN routes digital

Implementation & Optimisation

Let us not forget how the magic happens: it’s all in the execution!

When creating rules, mind false positives! You don’t want messages from customers to end up in the Unwanted Inbox. In the first few days following the addition of a new rule, we recommend that you check the Unwanted Inbox once or twice daily to ensure no wanted messages have unintentionally landed there.

When creating rules, ROBIN recommends customers to work with journey-based labels. To make this easier, we have pre-defined the following labels for you:

  • Pre-sales;
  • Cart;
  • Delivery;
  • Returns; and
  • Warranty.

Using these labels allows you to instantly see which part of the shopper journey generates the most questions. Want some additional good news? We have a standard, multi-lingual taxonomy available for all these labels.

Start routing today!

ROBIN customers can contact support to activate their Advanced Routing module. Please send an e-mail to and our Product Adaptation team get you running in no time. Alternatively, for live support, hit the question mark in the upper-right corner of the ROBIN app.

Video demo?

Not a ROBIN customer yet? No worries! Just send an e-mail to and she can send you a video demo for more info. You can also strike up a live chat with Ashley via our team page or give her a ring on her mobile: +31 (0)6 20652241.


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