Michiel Gaasterland
Michiel Gaasterland
Chief Brand Officer
May 10, 2013

A shout out for new ROBIN users: contact Marjo!

After a period of prying – and mainly hiding – within books and theories, the time has come. Time to introduce myself as ROBIN’s one and only Communications and Customer Success graduate. Who am I, what am I going to do and how will it help you?

I, Marjo Kroese
My name is Marjo Kroese (23), enthusiastic newbie in the software branche and crew member at ROBIN. My background experience comes from a full service e-Commerce specialist, where I was part of a small customer service team serving multiple web stores. This summer I hope to graduate – through my research at ROBIN - for my Bachelor Business Administration with a major in communications.

Relevant, fast & personal
ROBIN’s brand DNA has three characteristics: relevant, fast and personal. Because of my experience in customer service I know how important it is for web store owners to serve customers with a certain velocity and with relevant information through personal communication. This is not only the solution ROBIN offers to web store owners, at the same time it’s exactly thow ROBIN aims to communicate with their users.

We continue learning from all the conversations we have with our users, but are eager for more knowledge. Throughout our brand DNA, we maintain our focus and collect new information so we can better serve our customers every single day.

There’s no second chance for a first impression
The following weeks I’ll be having conversations with ROBIN users about their ROBIN experience and our communications throughout the process. Also the web store owner that signed up for ROBIN, but eventually decided not to use ROBIN is an interesting case to study. I’ll interview both!

With Software-As-A-Service (SaaS) solutions like ROBIN it’s crucial for signups to fully experience the software and understand the value of the product. The period between signup and active use of the product is called the ‘on-boarding’ period.

This is the reason why I’ll be looking for ROBIN users who have recently signed up and would like to help optimize the on-boarding process. Would you like sharing your experience about the on-boarding process at ROBIN? Let me know! You can find my contact details at the end of this blog post.

A missed opportunity
At ROBIN we are fully aware of the fact that customer service is of vital importance for web stores. When customers have to wait to long for an answer or when they get an unsatisfying answer, it can damage the reputation of your web store. But a positive experience with customer service often kicks off positive word-of-mouth, which is the best marketing you can get as a web store.

So, the importance of establishing good and professional customer service for web stores is a must! But setting up proper tools for customer service often takes an investment in time, effort and money. This is exactly what ROBIN wants to eliminate!

Then again, we still see a percentage of signups dropping out during the on-boarding process. The first feedback we received was that these users would like to use ROBIN but got stuck on details somewhere in the on-boarding process. That’s really a missed opportunity!

The time is NOW
ROBIN already serves hundreds of web stores with a solution that takes their customer service to the next level. Currently we are connecting our service with big e-Commerce platforms such as Shopify, SEOShop and soon Magento.

This summer I’ll deliver my recommendations in regards to ROBIN's on-boarding communications, to make sure that all new sign ups can experience the full value of ROBIN.

My request
As described earlier, I’ll be visiting ROBIN users who recently signed up as well as ex users. Today’s or tomorrow’s signups are more than welcome to join as well!

What are you waiting for? You can sign up with ROBIN right here.

Comments are more than welcome below this blog post or click on the ‘contact’ tab on the right side of this page and start experiencing how ROBIN facilitates the interaction with your customers.

Of course you’re just as welcome to send me an e-mail at marjo [at] robinhq [dot] com.

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